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Occasionally, the ads would reference a "massage", which was also a phrase that soon became synonymous with prostitution.

In addition to these phrases, the newspaper ad included a phone number for the potential clients to call to obtain the desired services.

Although prostitution has become legal, procuring still remains illegal.

Procuring includes anything that would be considered the organization or facilitation of services for prostitutes.

Restaurants were willing to partake in this form of prostitution because they were able to make a profit off of the prostitutes by charging them a fee when entering the restaurant for business as well as when they leave with a client.

In addition to the fees, the women in erotic restaurants also lured more traffic into the restaurants which allowed the restaurants to profit even further.

However, the newspapers were not blatant in their advertising.

In June 2006, parliament voted by 158 to 15, with four abstentions, to approve a bill which outlaws the buying of sexual acts if it is linked to human trafficking.

In the grand scheme of things, Finland as a whole also technically benefits from erotic restaurants as they are legal establishments that pay taxes so when these women create more clients for the restaurants, more money goes to taxes.

In Finland, newspaper publications promoted prostitution. This was a common form of advertising before the introduction of online prostitution in the early 2000s.

Access to sex services became increasingly easier across most cities and rural areas in Finland during this time.

The established political connection with Western Europe allowed people to move more freely across borders, and hence engage in the sex services market in Finland.

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