Hiv positive dating chicago

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I started by walking in my first AIDS walk, and after that I started working with the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and sharing my story publicly in news segments and in newspapers.

I even started planning a gala for HIV awareness, and just a few weeks before it, Jordan messaged me again.

I could never put someone through what had happened to me.

For some, the realization that I was HIV-positive was too much, and they didn’t want to continue dating me because it seemed too complicated or too risky. For others, though, they asked questions about how we could continue our relationship without spreading HIV to them (my answer was simple: protected sex.) A few men realized I was worth sticking around for, and we always made sure to be extremely careful.

After our messaging turned to high-school-crush-style late-night phone calls, I knew there was potential for a relationship with Jordan.

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The doctor prescribed a pill that I would take daily to suppress the virus, but it was incurable. I knew next to nothing about HIV (I thought my diagnosis meant I had AIDS—it didn’t.I went to a primary care doctor, who gave me antibiotics that helped the swelling some.Three weeks later, I saw a specialist who discovered I had human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV.He jumped at the chance and booked a roundtrip ticket to Illinois.But he never used the plane ticket back home—we’ve been together ever since.

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