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Though Abilene Christian’s policy goes further than some – banning same-sex dating, not just sex – they’re not the only faith-based institution that’s faced questions in recent years about how their policies fit into a changing social landscape.“Societal norms change and adjust,” said Phil Schubert, president of Abilene Christian, which enrolls about 5,000 students.It follows years of discussion and fits into the school’s broader attempt to be more inclusive, he said.The student handbook will be revised over the summer to clarify that students who aren’t employees are free to be in same-sex relationships so long as they’re not sexually-active – the same expectation the school has for heterosexual students who are not married.By Shannon Najmabadi, The Texas Tribune March 23, 2018 When Ryan Clements, a 25-year-old alumnus of Abilene Christian University, found out his alma mater was planning to ban some students’ same-sex dating relationships, he said it “hit home in a big way.” Clements, an openly gay Christian, said he felt pained “that a school that I loved and that gave me so much and that I tried to pour myself into when I was there would take this kind of action against students like me.” The private college in West Texas, affiliated with Churches of Christ, said earlier this month it would bar student employees from dating people of the same sex.The policy already applies to faculty and staff at Abilene Christian.And a school conduct code has, for years, said sexual relations should only take place within a marriage between a man and a woman.Many religious colleges across the country have similar rules about same-sex relationships and pre-marital sex.

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But while school officials’ say their first reaction is “not exclusion but to love,” Kevin Campbell, a vice president there, said it’s unclear if Title IX protects students on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Further, he said Abilene Christian – like other religiously-affiliated schools – has a ready-made exemption to parts of the statute that campus leaders believe are incongruous with their faith.

Some of the state’s most prominent religiously-affiliated schools — Texas Christian University and Southern Methodist University — did not have exemptions as of that year.

The religious exemptions have been used to exclude “women from particular courses of study that are designed to further priesthood or ordination,” or to offer different counseling for male and female students about their career trajectories, said Kif Augustine-Adams, a law professor at Brigham Young University.

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