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Cons: Tinder’s tried to walk back its hookup-app reputation in recent years by emphasizing its relationship-making powers — and it seems some people are listening.“I think people really take it as a trying-to-find-a-partner app,” Busa says.The Cut asked self-proclaimed serial dater Carolyn Busa, 32, to rank the best of the best hookup apps if you’re looking for a little commitment-free fun.Busa, a 32-year-old comedian living in Crown Heights, says she uses dating apps for casual hookups about once a month.It’s the original, one of the most popular, and the one to go to if you want the widest possible pool of options.Plus, its location-based matching means you can limit yourself to people within easy reach, whether you’re looking for someone close to home or a vacation fling.

More than just a dating app, Tinder has been updated to become one of the most engaging, fun and social apps around.The only difference is “you having to start the conversation” (in opposite-sex matches, Bumble requires the woman to message first).And in her experience, Bumble tends to involve “too much talking” for someone only looking for something casual. Tinder Pros: At this point, “Tinder” and “hookup app” are practically synonymous.“It was just a little overwhelming.” Plus, there are some situations where you really just don’t want to match with anyone in close proximity, like work or a family gathering (luckily, though, you can turn the location-tracking off and on to avoid any awkward moments). Bumble Pros: To Busa, the biggest draw of Bumble is its chat expiration feature.With other apps, “so many times, we just sit on matches and nothing happens,” she says.

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