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The lovely, Alison Froseth, will be hosting this month.• What we'll do A few of us were recently inspired to find other queer artists in the area and get together to talk about art, inspire, critique, and support each other in our creative endeavors.This meetup is a chance to relax after work and meet other bisexuals/pansexuals or anyone under the rainbow in the area. There's a wide range of relationship styles represented.Married, poly, monogamous, single, solo-poly...we're a diverse bunch so don't be shy. TOPICS: - Coming out while in an established relationship - How to foster trust and security for all parties in the new dynamic - Ethical non-monogamy (pros and cons, examples, best practices) - Options for practicing ethical non-monogamy (so you came out…what) - Tips on navigating the hetero/mononormative world as an out bisexual (How to stay cool when this all comes up at a dinner party).Please bring: something brunchy to share in your own dish or container. AND it's very helpful and cuts down on the clean up to bring your food ready to serve in your own dish or vessel of some type (we're pretty casual here). I often can't handle a lot of leftovers and don't want the food to go to waste. We meet on the main level of my house but there are four steps leading up to the front door. Cheers, Three • What to bring GRUB or something to drink :) ALSO--if you like games, feel free to bring one to play (we usually have a game table going).If you're not a cook don't panic--we can always use ice, compostable paper plates and plasticware, napkins, we al seem to love white wine, or even a bundle of wood (sometimes we get a campfire going in the back).I'd also love to put together a queer art group show at some point in a local gallery so we can discuss ideas and contacts for that as well. Feel free to join us and jump into the conversation anytime after 5pm.I know many of you have day jobs and there is always traffic at that time of day.

Cheers, Three and Timmy (co-organizer) ABOUT Blush and Blu is a local LGBTQ bar with a mellow vibe that has gender neutral bathrooms.This is a monthly event that occurs ever 3rd Thursday at the same location.Join Facebook group for ongoing conversation and connection!All skill levels are welcome from beginner to advanced.There is no need to be an established artist to attend this group.

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