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The restaurant offers cooked over charcoal beef "from rare breeds that require a much longer time to mature; it is this slow growing nature that gives the meat its flavour." If that isn't impressive enough, Paternoster Chop House also provides customers with the chance to try their 5-course lamb tasting menu, which is sure to be just as tasty.

Starters and snacks make up for a good part of the menu while salads and sauces finish the impressive list offered by the eatery.

Simply put, why does Fred Couples do sports talk radio? To be honest, I know this is going to sound crazy but I live in L. and Newport for my whole life and am not a music person. Everyone tends to say the same things about him seeming happy, seeming fast, smiling. We talk about his kids and golf very rarely comes up. Your back is a very controlled thing and once it gets going, I used to say I could play 36 holes once I started if I never stopped. I don’t know if he did it in San Diego, he may be doing at home. Do you think you might be picked as an assistant captain this year? I don’t want to guess who they are, but I know he’s got them. I would hate to miss — in the prime of these players…They’re all at this age where they seem like they’re at the top of the world. But if you look at their team and our team [now], it’ll be the 24 best players.

I listen to talk radio and I’m not big on news, so it’s usually sports. When I got the call to do this show, I thought, ‘Wow, can I handle this.’ Golf is what I do, so I thought, ‘Can I do more than golf? Can I get athletes that play golf to come on, certainly athletes that don’t play golf.’ It was very intriguing to me. What is your favorite non-golf sport to play or non-golf sport to watch? What have you seen out of him that hasn’t already been said 100 times? It wasn’t that long ago that we were at the Presidents Cup — I was an assistant, he was an assistant — golf never came up in seven straight days. I don’t know if some of the other team players asked him…my caddie Joey (La Cava) of 20-something years is caddying for him. The problem was if I sat down, if I waited and stood and stood. But it’s really just something to get your body going where you don’t feel the strain of the bending of your back to hit wedges. Only so many guys can win and it’s going to bounce around between these 20 guys.

I've seen the posts here referring to the guys today that people don't like or who are well known jerks (looking at you Rory Sabbatini). That time Fuzzy Zoeller told Tiger Woods not to serve fried chicken and collard greens at the Master's dinner was pretty embarrassing.https://

v=9ufp U3X-t4walthough I believe he was generally well-liked by his fellow competitors.

Starters range from pea and smoked ham soup (£7) to Hand-raised pork pie (£11) while a more fancier option would be the Colchester crab with a price tag of £14.

And that would be one of the cheapest meals you can order off the restaurant's menu.

Unfortunately, you’ll only find Fred there when they’re filming – but it’s not all bad.

You can hunt him down in Mayfair where he’s the general manager of the extremely plush Galvin at Windows, a Michelin-starred restaurant on the 28th floor of the London Hilton on Park Lane.

It very much seems that he gained the reputation and that when people presume he'll be a jerk he will give it back to you but normally he is as nice as can be.

I've seen segments on the golf channel on him.

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