Failure online dating dating south afica

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It is an imperfect market at best, and the unpredictable, oft-confounding outcomes of first dates have served as the raw material for many a self-help book, romantic comedy, and Carrie Bradshaw quote.

As the author is a straight female, she decided to investigate the dating landscape through the eyes of straight, single guys—at first, admittedly, to explain some of the baffling behavior exhibited by guys her age.

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But according to behavioral economist Dan Ariely, this “don’t ruffle feathers” model of first dates is exactly the problem.

When you’re fighting off suitors just to get to the bar, it signals that you are in-demand, heightening expectations and making you less likely to “settle” for, say, a four.

Similarly, if people cringe and run away when you approach them, you’ll start lowering your expectations, and maybe drown your sorrows with a few tequila shots.

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