Error occurred while setup was updating partition information

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Even some systems that meet these requirements might not be compatible with Windows 10.To install Windows 10 on your PC, the processor (CPU) must support the following features: Physical Address Extension (PAE), NX, and SSE2.In most cases, it is strongly recommended you uninstall these security utilities and install versions compatible with Windows 10.Background programs that start with Windows can also prevent a successful installation.If you are upgrading from a previous version of Windows or a former Windows 10 build, a typical blocker for Windows setup is security utilities.Disable them; these include Antivirus, Anti Spyware, and Firewall utilities.Some things you can do to free up disk space:– Move older files (Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos) to an external hard disk– Uninstall older programs See the following Groovypost articles for the many ways you can free up disk space: If you are getting an error message that your System Reserved Partition is too small, then you will need to enlarge it.

Restore redirected Personal folders to their original location.Although Microsoft officials have said the configuration is still supported, I still come across errors as a result of it.Make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements to run Windows 10.Press Windows key R Hit Enter Click the system drive to view the size.Make sure you select the right partition during setup.

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