English japanese dating games

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The Nintendo 3DS and Wii U did away with the annoying Points, but they were heavily criticised for being region-locked.

The Nintendo Switch has totally gone off the deep end, as you can now purchase bizarre dating games that are totally in Japanese and lack any English text outside of the main menu.

The first to be revealed is Heartslabyul, which is designated as “Twisted from Alice in Wonderland.” Five characters are residents of the house, which seems to owe allegiance to the Queen of Hearts, There’s Riddle Rosehearts, the leader of the dormitory, who follows the harsh commands of the queen…

…Ace Trappola, a clever and adaptable young man with a bit of a teasing nature…

The smartphone game starts with you, the player, being summoned to an alternate world, where you arrive at Nightraven College.

A prestigious academy that offers instruction in the magic arts, Nightraven College accepts only highly skilled applicants, all of whom also have the soul of villains.

Yeah English, I only know very little Japanese but not enough to understand a whole game. You can marry some characters and there's some specific dating sim-like dialogue I recall, but don't expect much. Have not played the switch game but I’ve played the 3ds one. Google says the one on switch is not as story heavy as the one on 3ds and focuses more on romance.

I've been eager to play a dating sim lately, but all you ever hear about these games are the weird outliers with gay dads, llama people, disability girls and bird boys.

Edit: Before anyone mentions if I have Stardew Valley even though... Are you wanting dating sims as in virtual novels where you just make choices or more something along the lines of a game where there are NPCs and you can do things that allow you to date and marry them?

Because the latter is kind of slim to my knowledge at the moment.

I was looking into Senran Kagura Reflections but I'm starting to see that's not really a dating sim and neither is Nekopara.

Is there anything out now or coming soon with actual choices?

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