Emily haines and jimmy shaw dating

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Now that I’m coming out of the complete sleep deprivation that was necessary to pull this off, I’m beyond excited to freak everyone the fuck out who can’t expect what happens next.

It’s the two things that always used to meet in the middle and make everything that they think we know of who we are, but we’re revealing the inside at this point.

Shaw produced the debut album of the Montreal band The Lovely Feathers (who toured with Metric in 2005).

In 2010, he was nominated along with bandmate Emily Haines for the Juno Award for Songwriter of the Year.

Following the synth-pop sounds of Metric's last album, Pagans in Vegas (2015), the Toronto band returned to rock tunes on their brand-new Art of Doubt, out Friday, Sept. "It felt so good to come back to the four of us in a room playing, and to come back to rock," says Metric's Emily Haines. That was a lot of how the sound developed for Art of Doubt." Haines, along with bandmate Jimmy Shaw, stopped at The Current to chat with host Mac Wilson and to play some stripped-down tunes from the new record.

Before Drake had graduated from Degrassi, a floppy-haired stud became PM, and Bieber’s Bieber was exposed to the world, the word “Canada” was synonymous with indie rock.

From Arcade Fire to Hot Hot Heat, our fair neighbor to the north’s biggest export—besides poutine, of course—was exciting new bands.

Whereas most artists will try out new things in smaller venues and less-publicized shows, Metric tested tunes while opening for Smashing Pumpkins on a North American tour.

"We found the response was really supportive and great across that whole tour with Smashing Pumpkins," Haines recalls.

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