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You'll also find the option at the bottom of the home page's search results.

The Adult Filter will filter out most erotica, as well as other books deemed to be Adult by the author/publisher.

What are the advantages of distributing to retailers via Smashwords as opposed to uploading direct to them?

The primary advantage of distributing through Smashwords is that Smashwords helps authors and publishers spend more time writing and less time fussing with the upload, monitoring and maintenance of multiple platforms.

Agented books appear at Smashwords as "written by Author Name and agented by Agency Name." Agented books receive listing in their own Smashwords Agent catalog, similar to the listings by Author or Publisher.

For additional information on how agents can better serve their clients by utilizing Smashwords ebook distribution services, see The Literary Agent's Indie Ebook Roadmap blog post and presentation. Smashwords is the world's largest distributor by title count of indie ebooks from self-published authors and small presses.

Click the item to find your answers: Getting Started How to Publish and Distribute Ebooks with Smashwords Distributing Via Smashwords (Apple, B&N, Over Drive, Scribd, Kobo, Gardners and more) Author and Book Marketing Smashwords Affiliate Program GETTING PAID: Earnings and Payment Schedules Privacy and Security Other Questions Glossary of Ebook Terminology What is Smashwords?

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K.), Over Drive, Gardners, Baker & Taylor (and the Axis360 library platform), and others. Smashwords offers book lovers an opportunity to discover thousands of independently published ebooks.

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All you need to do now is sign in with your email address and password. The Adult Filter allows users of the Smashwords web site to partially obscure books that are labeled as "Adult." The adult label is added by the author or publisher, and it means the author or publisher does not think their book is suitable to readers under the age of 18.

Smashwords is ideal for publishing novels, personal memoirs, poetry chapbooks, short and long-form fiction, and non-fiction.

If you've written it, we want to help you share it and sell it!

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