Does travis pastrana dating jolene is christian kane dating anyone

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In fact, Jolene is dating someone named Ryan - it says it on her Myspace page and has several pictures of them together.She is good friends with Travis but that is all they are.Youngest to sister Michelle and brother Billy, she grew up heavily influenced by her Father Bill, a young at heart avid motocross racer.As well as older brother Billy, who followed fast in Bill Sr.’s footsteps.Van Vugt chose to focus full-time on motocross and quickly rose to the top ranks of Canadian women’s motocross.Earning multiple Ontario Provincial Championships, a 9th place overall in the WMA (Women’s Motocross Association), earning her lifetime number 63.Click on the 'Travis Pastrana Website' link to go to his personal website.

At the age of 14 Van Vugt was given the ultimatum to either practice, race and take motocross seriously or give it up for good.The injuries required multiple reconstructive surgeries to her face and were expected to take months of recovery before she could perform again.At the age of 38 Jolene Van Vugt has established herself as one of the most accomplished female athletes in action sports today.With little thought the path she chose would define the rest of her life.Jolene’s talent soon became apparent as she quickly rose to the top ranks of Canadian women’s motocross.

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