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It also provides the CSPC a safe space for its dungeon and other equipment. As we have seen in many of the stories coming out of Hollywood from would-be or now famous actors and actresses, “consent” is often coerced.This is where the mix of varies subcultures: bondage, dominance, submission, sadomasochism, swinging and polyamory groups are encouraged to participate in public or private in various forms of sexual deviancy — in their words “sex positive” events. However, this kind of thing is not limited to Tinsel Town.At first this was a platonic dating relationship but overtime, with more conditioning, she “consented” to having this person live in their home.It wasn’t long before my friend was at her wit’s end.I was introduced to the CSPC by a friend who was in an abusive marriage.

If you are having trouble juggling, male, female, homosexual, bisexual, transexual and non-binary these days; put polyamorous and pansexual in your pipe and smoke it.

It wasn’t long before she realized something was wrong.

He “came out” as polyamorous, a perfectly normal condition (according to him) that she would accept if she really loved him.

He arranged for them to see a marriage and family counselor. She would later learn that this counselor wasn’t your normal marriage counselor.

He is on the board of Pan Eros and the founder of the foundation’s Consent Academy. The counselor, whose website says he specializes in “therapy for people who live outside of normal” and whose counseling degree is not accepted by any national accrediting body, was soft spoken and put her at ease.

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