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But through that, we had such a great friendship.” Yes, you read that correctly. He clearly has a thing for women from girl groups, because he went on to later marry Tiny, who knew Luckett from touring during her own girl group days.

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Toya Wright and daughter Reginae Carter will take part in the series, as well as singer Monica Brown.Also in Brooklyn were some Nets fan favorites (depending on who you ask): Brian Scalabrine, Reggie Evans, Kenyon Martin and more.Another former Net, De Shawn Stevenson played on “Power,” a team coached by Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler.Incidentally, he also had one of the best post-game interview sessions of the season (more on that in a bit). It's amazing to me the idea of free speech is bogus.So I asked whether he plays better when his sweetie's in the crowd. You the Post can publish anything you like weither it be fact or fiction. Stevenson personally and knows the facts it seem to be ignored and looked at as someone is slandering his name but in actuality he's the one slandering his own name.

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