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Claire from the US: Is that a morning pseudo-sext from J.? He let me know he’s interested, but that he plays by his own rules and doesn’t buckle to demands. Also telling someone a date will be awkward is the quickest way to make it awkward. answering her question or just taking advantage of a captive audience for a slideshow? sent, it's just a pile of pixels, so I have no idea what he wanted me to see, but dear God I hope it's safe for work. I’d happily take a little wine and dine action after reading this, no complaints whatsoever, I promise. and I failed to understand one another from the start. He could have been a creep and explored the ambiguity of my question, instead he takes an interest in me.

The actual joke that followed involved balls, and based on our subsequent conversation, I suspect we would not spark.

It’s OK to like motorcycles and big butts, you can admit it without shame. N., a self-described “simple man,” quickly disappeared from my match queue after we exchanged messages.

— answers from a British gent, and this seems perfectly straightforward. Aren’t there sites specifically for those sorts of things?

Janet from the UK: H., makes a bold move but I can respect it. V.'s answer is also honest, and I take no issue with either.

I really expected his choice of sexually suggestive fruits to segue into a vaguely dirty intro. The Verdict: We're going to go ahead and give this one to the London men but only just — as there were no peach emojis on that side of the pond.

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