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If you genuinely care for this person and see ways they can improve their quality of life, then that’s a justifiable motivation, especially if you can present your recommendations non-judgmentally and with respect.That’s much more legitimate than calling for change out of your own insecurities, and in such a way that makes them feel bad about themselves.

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Don’t Expect to Change Someone There’s an old saying that you should never try to teach a pig to sing. The simple fact is that for 99% of us, we are who we are. Group dates, or hanging out with friends is a great thing, but if it’s an all the time thing-try asking him or her to hang out with JUST YOU. If it’s a no, be on the lookout for someone who doesn’t want to share you with everyone else all the time. Sorry, I know I know we’re in that stage-but regardless, there should be some sexual tension! I think it’s safe to say that when you are interested in someone romantically, you want to kiss them…and hold their hand, and sit as close to them as possible. For example, I can’t imagine being on the same couch as my boyfriend and not wanting to put my head on his shoulder or him not having his hand on my leg. So if you have some non-negotiables, and this person in your life doesn’t meet the criteria you’ve set out, then be willing to move on without that person, and make yourself available for new possibilities. Don’t Work from an Unreasonable List There’s nothing wrong with having standards, even high ones. For example, the length of a person’s second toe, or the fact that they sometimes chew with their mouth open, probably shouldn’t be an absolute deal-breaker.Also, it may not be realistic to expect to find someone who looks like a fashion model, or who loves the Dodgers as much as you do.

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