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Please tell us about your own story in the comments below.What do you think in general about interracial relationships?Despite the negativity about black women dating out or being “unwanted,” there are men of all races who think we are divine. Feel free to share links and any experiences you’ve had in the comments.Here are a few I’ve found from the BB&W archives: Online dating Interracial Dating Interracial Dating Central – Interracial Dating Site Swirlr – Interracial Dating Site Latino Dating Sites Asian Dating Sites Meet-up Groups Sisters and White Misters – San Francisco – Bay Area "I know that this program will change everything.Chinese girls are breaking free from their traditional set ups and entering into long-term relationships with Europeans and Americans.Go anywhere in the world and you are going to find people from your ethnicity settled in that part of the world where you expect it the least.The gene pool in such offsprings is quite varied which makes their resistance to diseases and genetic problems quite high.

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Do you live in an interracial relationship yourself and have you met via interracial dating sites?

Every time you go out you are exposed to a different cuisine, a different way of eating a different way of looking at the world.

Every time you meet family or friends of your dating partner you discover something new about the world that you didn’t know till now.

Such people were generally considered aswhite men dating Asian women, Asian men dating white women is on the rise.

The rising trend in interracial dating is not just a fad since it has quite a few benefits that are lacking in same race dating and Going out with someone of a different race gives you a different perspective about life.

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