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Well, first and foremost, the cream of it all is the finely-tuned matchmaking process.

It uses a one-of-a-kind algorithm that matches you with people basing on the data it already has on you such as likes, hobbies, and mutual friends.

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Since the creators are aware themselves that not everyone signs up on Facebook to find dates, having this feature to be an option rather than mandatory will not alienate the website's segmented targets.

Rather than focusing on quick and casual hook-ups, this feature encourages people to actually consider the person behind the profile picture as a potential life partner.

It brands itself as a safe place where you can actually meet real partners, not sleazy or fleeting ones.

Founded in February 2004, the infamous social media site has since then been collecting data on us--our location, our habits, our likes and more!

This allows Facebook to tailor the ads we see, the pages it displays, and all that jazz.

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