Dating record block planes

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I thought to myself, ‘well, it can’t be much, I’ll get it working! The blue may have put me off, but then when my hands touched it, picked it up, twiddled the parts, that was the point at which I knew it would be left to me burst his bubble.

Still, I thought, it would be a kindness to let him down sooner than later so we pitched in to correct the flawed perspective of the giants view of what they make. I picked up the plane and thought how shoddy it felt.

Here is IRWIN Record’s perspective of their planes taken from their website. Typically the plane sells for around £35 in the UK but it is on sale at Screwfix for £15.

It took me best part of an hour to get the plane to work and that is with my experience of restoring hundreds of planes over a lifetime of woodworking.

It should be firmly held in place by the cap, but do not over-tighten the cap.

The screw that the cap fits over can be turned to set the tightness of the cap.

Use a file to make sure the corners are rounded over and won’t cause a cut.

Once the body of the plane is set up, sharpen the plane blade, using the method described in my on post how to sharpen plane blades. The blade goes on first, and is placed so that the bevel is facing up.

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