Dating mishaps

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Maybe Andrew did really like me, and in his drunken Sunday , he thought it would look super cool to call me four hours late, when he is finished drinking with the lads and say "hey babe, hows your day been?

" I did think the guy was cute, and sweet, maybe a little young but hey I wasn't going to let age get in the way of a little romance!

Was it because I wanted to believe that a stranger could walk up to me at the footy and say "your , can I have your number", and it end in true love?

Or was this just the ignorant small child in me dreaming about the perfect romance? the reality was he was a bloke, who saw a pretty girl and thought he would try and land himself some good times, also known in the guy world as a "good root".

When it comes to love, you just never know what can happen. Did I mention that one guy who did that loud snot sucking up thing that make you want to hurl and then told me all about his racist family on the first date (which is when I learned NEVER to date guys from Polk County! In 2010 I got dumped for being too old, too young, too brown (TRUE.

The person you think you will spend the rest of your life with can disappear without so much as a good-bye. How all those awful dates didn’t put me in therapy/ rehab/ prison is beyond me.

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