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The picture of a financially stable hard-working, well-educated man who is actually far from obsessed with money and is actually a charitable hippy type is emerging. Making the joke about wanker and banker shows he is aware of the negative connotations of his profession, by doing so is thus disproving them and shows he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Furthermore, I have made notes on the key structure to be followed.Furthermore, ask yourself are my interests appealing to a female?If it’s as mundane as “spending time with my family and friends “ or as masculine as “repairing cars” then leave it out.That all said what if we can be the spiritual career big shot who works hard and rewards his true hippy soul with travel and culture and keeps his ambitious self in check through his charity work and meditation. The key is the ability to mix up these values some of which are kind of conflicting, as is the case with the career man who is also a bit of a hippy.Make it funny and bursting with these traits and who wouldn’t want to meet you!

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