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Shambhala students then learn how to lay the foundations for new, Core-connective ways of relating to ourselves and others.

Students begin to explore the new relationships they can create with others who honor their Selves.

They will be operated by forces that remain hidden and more powerful then them.

Shambhala students will not have the ability to align their emotions and behavior with their own Consciously chosen perspectives and priorities.

Take away any one of these ingredients and the potential partnership is placed in jeopardy.

As opposed to romantic pairings, Shambhala relationships are courageously communicative, Self-loyal, Intimately caring, spiritually merging, Core-infusing, and may, from time to time, be romantic and/or sexually Intimate.

It is these romantic illusions that give us the strongest impetus to seek out, secure, and center our lives around another.

Especially in these more modern times, these romantic illusions are crucial to pair bonding, for there are few, if any, non-romantic reasons for opposite sex pair bonding. Female survival is not dependent upon securing one “special” man.

They will continue to be chemically and historically directed by others who know more about them than they know about themselves.

Finding and securing a prince or princess is as serious as planning a war.

And, if the match and the courting is done “right,” then the prospective partners will hopefully be able to Knowing each other.

Princes and princesses must continually put themselves in the “right” frame of mind. They must fuel the right chemicals to race through their bodies …

chemicals that distort or completely block out the stressful realities. KEEP IT LIGHT Looking too closely, listening too carefully, asking too many questions, using too much scrutiny, and following up on things said and done that do not make sense brings to light too many issues that spoil the romantic illusion.

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