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It's just as important to know who NOT to date as it is to know who TO date. Just one fatal flaw or compatibility time bomb could ruin a great relationship! Some of these are sooo obvious to me that I don't even put them on my list. It always seems strange to me when a client or friend says, "He's a great guy, EXCEPT..." and then they list one of their deal breakers, like "He has 3 big dogs plus his kids that take up all of his time so we can't hang out much," or "He just got out of this really bad relationship and can't commit to being a boyfriend again yet," or whatever...

Despite a person having many other good qualities, a dating deal breaker qualifies as something that YOU just can't seem to overlook because ultimately it outweighs the good a person might possess. Yours will probably be different, but here are my top twelve deal breakers in no particular order (and a little explanation why they are on my list): Of course, there are other obvious deal breakers like: married, still living with ex, age 35 and still lives at home with parents, doesn't have a car, chronically unemployed, felon, incarcerated, bad temper, doesn't want to give out home phone number/email (paranoid or cheating), toxic exes, too much of an age difference, etc. The point is that if you stick to your deal breakers and don't date men who have them, you'll end up happier.

It's when you say, "No way, I can't date a guy like that. We're getting close to finalizing the list of your ideal man.

That's a total deal breaker." Examples of some possible deal breakers: Bad grammar.

What’s more, one in five (20%) women admit to chasing bad boys.

Those in happy long-term relationships agree that singles shouldn’t rule out potential partners based on a preconceived ‘type’, with over two-thirds (68%) noting that taking an open-minded approach to dating is key to ending up with long-lasting romance.

and so while we were waiting for drinks to arrive, I asked him his thoughts on issues like immigration and mass incarceration.

Our latest study has revealed that almost 70% of people in happy relationships are with someone who isn’t their traditional ‘type’.

Yet, most singles (75%) admit they avoid dating people that don’t fit all of their pre-set criteria, meaning that an estimated 9 million singles may be dismissing the right person for them before they even meet!

Surprisingly, despite the perception that men are interested in dating an older woman, three in 10 men (30%) rule out dating women older than them.

What’s more, it seems gentlemen don’t actually prefer blondes, with brunettes coming out on top over blondes (28% compared to 26%). Linda Papadopoulos, said: ‘The idea of a ‘type’ is shorthand for similarities between the people you find attractive.

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