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Read these recommendations from the beginning and change your profile.The main thing is - not to retreat before setbacks!And don't forget to fill out the optional profile questions - these will als o help other members get to know you even better. Orient yourself with your wishes Try to clearly imagine, what you want from your relations with the woman. But the main thing - what place in life she leaves for a man and what demands she presents to him. Women, just as you do, elect to have the right to select. Photographs and answers should not contradict each other, but support a whole image.List priorities and decide what are the principal criteria of your choice, and in which you are ready to yield and to accept compromise. What you are prepared to propose to her in exchange for what you want to receive? Variety at a distance more frequently disorients and alerts, than attracts.Think before you write: Feel free to write as much as you want in our essay portionsof your profile. In what measure should these qualities must be present in your "candidate"?

The ladies on our site have access to Internet, they register themselves, they write messages themselves.

The more women you will honour with attention, the greater the chances to find your "half". And, until now, you did not meet that one and only? Search for one"s "half" is a serious goal-oriented work.

The Internet is not a lottery and not a fantasy country where the desires are fulfilled by themselves, but the possibility to expand the circle of search to the level of World scale. Weeks, months pass; women do not write and do not answer?

Or they do write, but not those you wished for and not about that which you wanted to discuss?

It means, you directed your charm not to those you intended to attract, or selected the wrong image.

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