Dating antique coffee grinders kvo stava dating

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The glass catch cup is in very good condition with the exception of one small chip on the back right corner.I did repaint the back board and the handle on this mill in an antique white as they had already been painted over once and the paint that remained was badly chipped.It measures right around 9 1/2" tall and has one 7" wheel.It has it's original red finish with some minor staining and is in very good condition considering that it dates from 1910-1920.The catch cup also has some minor chipping at the bottom corners. The main body of this mill is one solid piece of cast iron The body/hopper has it's original finish with a few areas that have some chipping and a couple of spots where it looks like a touch up was attempted.The lettering on the front is badly worn and is written as "KOFFIE" in bright red wavy lettering.This mill was a total mess when I got it with black and 1970's avocado green paint brushed onto the body, backboard and everywhere else including the hopper.

This mill was manufactured in the Basque area of Spain by the M-J-F Company.There are some worm-holes in the lid that attest to it's European background along with a small stress crack.There is some some minor chipping around the fill hole.It has lost quite a bit of it's original finish but is in overall very good condition for it's age.It was disassembled , cleaned and had one missing bolt replaced on the top of the is a 1900 written on the back of the hopper and I can't be sure if this is a date or model number but I would date this to sometime before 1926 which is when Pe De began manufacturing mills in Holland.

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