Dating an egotistical person Maturewomenchatrooms

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Bragging, boasting and exaggerating accomplishments are particular giveaways as well, according to Kathy Bernhard of the American Bar Association.Someone with a big ego may be a very skilled and accomplished person, but it’s when self-confidence tips into self-absorption that such egotistical behavior can become annoying to others.

If self-care is balanced with attention to relationships, some focus on self can be healthy.

However, egotistical people can also fall into patterns of manipulating others, writes counselor Kathy Radina.

If someone is extremely demanding of others and always insists on having his own way, he may have a large ego.

As you can imagine, being in a relationship with an egotistic person can have its challenges.

If you feel you are dating an egotistic individual, work towards dealing with the egotism in the relationship.

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