Dating age for mormons

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As for me, I’m 41 in a ward for singles ages 31 to 45. And my ex-husband, who at the time was the youngest person I ever dated, was only 20 months younger than me. One concern that I have is that if I marry someone who is younger than me and has never had any children, what will it be like for him if for some reason I’m not able to have anymore children?When it comes to making friends, I’m an all age opportunist, but as I’ve gotten to the “older section” of mid-singles, I’m finding that most of the men in my ward are younger than me. Thanks Dad, for the good genes.) Then after I become friends with someone or go out on a date, I find out that they’re (gasp) 5 years or more younger than me, and I feel awkward and *old*. But my sweet daughter loves to remind me that “Mom, you’re the oldest one in the family! And I definitely want to avoid those older men who seem to want to marry a younger woman “just so he can have more kids.” Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of finding someone my age or older who already has kids, because we’d have that in common, but sometimes the older men at activities for all ages (just some of them) make us “younger” women feel like breeding machines.And, as usual, I’m going to leave the expertise to someone else.

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This is because Mormon young men are expected to serve as a full-time missionary starting at age 18 or 19, while young women in the church are not expected to do so (but may if they choose).Combining those statistics, we see that the average age for marriage in America is 27, while the average age for Mormons is approximately 23–four years younger.The question remains, why do Mormon marriages statistically end up in divorce at a far lower rate than marriages in general? One factor is that those who wait to have sex until after marriage, on average, fair far better than those who do not.That is remarkable, considering that the divorce rate among most other Christian religions mirrors the 52% divorce rate among non-Christians.While this study shows strong support for the success of Mormon temple weddings in general, it does not specifically show the impact age has on the numbers.

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