Dating 40 s validating user input in perl

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I would only say a lot depends on where you live, what the M/F ratio of singles is where you are, how much time and effort you're willing to invest in the project.

I missed my turn long ago, so I'm not surprised at how things played out for me."As I start to think about dipping my toe into the post-divorce dating over 40 pool, I do so with a renewed sense of my own beauty, wisdom, humor, perspective, power and choice. My problem is suddenly after hitting 40 I am being chased by men both much older and much younger than me. Why do they think a 44 yr old woman wants to date a 28 yr old guy?What's even worse is I'm lesbian, but that's another story. We know what and who is good for us and what and who is not. Does the idea give you a stomach ache; inspire panic, fear, self-and-other-loathing and dread? I'm here to tell you it should inspire the opposite: joy, optimism, relief, curiosity, the tingly youthful enthusiasm of possibilities. We have made peace with the destructive parts of ourselves that made choices from a place of fear, not strength.

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