Cuban american men dating

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On a side note, he was always very generous when I was with him, insisted on paying for my drinks etc.

He never asked me one penny and is very excited to meeting my son. vivi i have read your story we can agree that all cubans want to get married to leave from the island BUT the problem is waht will happen the next day are cubans ready to live in western culture standards?

No, they may not be actually hosing down the people of color, but, trust me when I say, they are treated like 2nd class citizens.

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Of course, I have reservations about people communicating online, I think most of us do.Hi All, I’m interested in seeing how many Cuban-Foreigner marriages have lasted for more than a couple of years following departure from Cuba….how many have ended in divorce within a couple/three years….. But I also know the conditions that the Cuban people have to endure in their country. They see “rich” tourists in their country and are definately seduced by the potential for material gain and travel.And I’m also interested in hearing your personal stories and experiences. Of course this is not sufficient to keep a relationship going, especially in the stressful modern day environment in Europe. Since 2003, I received 2 or 3 emails from him but I wasn’t really interested, or I saw him more as a step brother…My boyfriend told me it didn’t matter where we lived.I personally would of tried living in Cuba, or both countries, but because of my shared-custory of my son, I’m stuck here.

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