Codifying and consolidating acts

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Try it risk-free Codified law refers to the rules of a society that have been collected and recorded for the purpose of establishing civil order.

In this lesson, you will be introduced to the process of codification, as well as its history and modern application.

Federal statutes are published in the United States Code.

The United States Code organizes federal statutes by topic, such as crimes, education, and labor.

The Torah, for example, was considered a codification of Jewish law.

The Islamic Sharia law is another example of codified religious law.

This makes sense, because it is very dangerous to drive the wrong way down the highway.

There are definite benefits to codify Commercial off the Shelf items.This process of collecting, restating, and writing down laws is known as codification.Codified laws are sometimes referred to as statutes, codes, acts, bills, or simply laws. The Code of Hammurabi was extremely detailed for the time, with a punishment assigned to each particular offense.There are approximately 17 million items codified in the NCS. equipment, then we are generally able to draw the catalogue data directly from the NCS.For example, in the United States has 7 million active items in their central catalogue. Similarly, if we buy French or German equipment we also draw catalogue data from of the NCS.

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