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For the pilgrims who could not use the existing favorable tariff offers of Deutsche Bahn and the Transport Association Region Trier, DB Regio West had come up with something special.

buenos aires With the Holy Robe ticket drove 5 people from all over Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland as well as parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg from just 36.00 Euros to the Holy Robe in Trier days.

Mali Co., ab Qt May 17th, ooe long block trank, corded, one bale bedding S I BAM ft MINOR, Attorbeysot Law, will practice Law **»’»^'‘*«** *®*rtcd Mrs. office Me theae package* w Hi be ihonkfolly received (or 0 Ifij Jeffibreaa etraat, batweaa Poartb and Fifth, Loula- Mail Ca.

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Cttl.* U i T'OS oh ,\OTKS AXU ACOM NT.', b«h In out FOR CALIFORNIA Wa Nirara^aa. 1 E Srultblan U Srctiu D D'kt Ic Co Diii Dj, Hat Ids por* fr»'iu tba Ioi« Kautucky Dry Jlnc M t Lai may ba auirusta U to my ■ Mfbx Ak 1 vnxl’i Fr I ! Wear, prapartol to p« ap any aryl, or quality or Sign :nrahl Afid 3 luch di^imcter, always oa hand and for sale at low rate*. DB Regio West had announced to provide a euro per ticket for Missio, the international mission work of the Catholic Church, are available.The missionary work missionary support, and others many projects for children in need in Asia and Africa.Then the 1495 employees are proud, which are responsible for the reliable use of 1,500 trains buenos aires in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland daily.' '-CAfonfta A aatrs^aftad or lotooftaft to pr«*a»ola I ' ' • oolr Oa lu»ma4 a iti: tha anfter- •*. If taaartaft ta tl*' •:•*'.» • • (* ;» «'• :l L CAB fta ob!

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