Christian dating being friends first

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I didn’t pick her up beforehand, and we both paid for ourselves, so I don’t think there was any extra pressure on either of us.I just enjoyed getting to know and talk to a friend, without feeling like I needed to impress her or act differently like I might on a serious date.But we shouldn’t assume from the beginning that this will always be the case, or try to make it happen if it’s not coming naturally.We should just spend time with people, enjoy and value it for what it is, and then see when and if a more exclusive form of dating seems like the right next step.Valuing Someone For Who They Are We seek people out with the specific agenda of getting into a relationship, rather than just enjoying the opportunity to get to know someone over time.In doing so, however, we inadvertently put a lot of pressure on the relationship for things to work out in just the right way — and then we get hurt and frustrated when that doesn’t happen.Sam enjoys blogging about humorously awkward life experiences, as well as writing nerdy science fiction and the occasional poem.He would like to be either an author, a teacher, or a superhero when he grows up.

Only once we’ve done that will we be prepared for a solid, healthy relationship when and if the right one does come along.

I just tried to get to know her more as a person, as a friend, because friends are what I still need more of in my new location anyway.

One afternoon we went to an event together, and although at least one person did mistake us for a couple, I didn’t consider it a serious date.

Sometimes these two things seem contrary to each other.

After all, dating often takes the form of going out with people you recently met or don’t know very well.

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