Christian dating a non virgin

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This is a very private matter between you and your wife, and nothing at all can be gained, other than sharing your feelings, by discussing it with them.

If you still feel the need to get it off your chest having written to me then by all means speak to a counsellor.

In other words, there is less incentive to feign virginity, making it easier to discern who holds themselves to the standard. There is no scripture forbidding marriage to non-virgins.If the person is a Christian I don't think it would be a sin to marry such person.It would be practical love if a Christian marries a non-virgin even after having the knowledge beforehand. If any man is in christ, old things have passed away and everything is new.Obviously her beliefs were not quite as strong as yours.Perhaps if she had met you first, before her other boyfriend, things would have turned out differently.

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