Chris young dating whitney duncan

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– Tara Seetharam #398 Fool, I’m a Woman Sara Evans 1999 | Peak: #32 The age-old stereotype that women can’t make up their minds is cleverly subverted into a threat toward an unkind man.A good combo of Loretta Lynn sass and Diana Ross sha-la-las.Perhaps that’s because so many of the artists who broke through during that decade remain relevant on the music scene today, whether they’re still getting major spins at radio or not.For many of us, it was the nineties when we discovered and fell in love with country music, and it’s the music and artists from that decade that represent the pinnacle of the genre. The one were you just stare at the ceiling, wall, or anything at all and just keep thinking about it even though it just ended, making up new scenarios in your head with the main character?

– TS #393 Jenny Come Back Helen Darling 1995 | Peak: #69 Darling recalls watching a high school friend sacrifice her intelligence and ambition to please the boy she loves, who outgrows her in the end because she has nothing of her own to offer him.“Tell yourself ‘I love you and I don’t want you to go'” sounds light and cutesy on the surface, but it’s those little notes – and not grandiose gestures of unusual passion – that keep a relationship chugging along for the long haul.– DM #389 Still in Love With You Travis Tritt 1997 | Peak: #23 With conspicuous steel guitar work, this minor hit for Tritt is a straight up country romper by today’s standards.So much art is created in moments of unusual passion, when sensations like pain or love feel intense and everlasting.But most life isn’t lived in such moments, and any feeling is subject to fade away without some regular renewal.

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