Chilean culture dating

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I love to read kiddies books to them in English at night and whenever we play, the instructions or whatever are in English.However, I also learn about things Chileans grew up with when my wife teaches our kids things in Spanish, for instance nursery rhymes and games she was brought up with.Now both our boys are at school, I’m also learning from the homework they have to do.

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Pretty much at ANY moment the “true colors” of Chilean men will come out and WHAM, SLAP, BAM! (If you aren’t appalled, step away from the computer and away from my blog.) In 8 days I’m going to be married and as I’m writing my vows (or attempting to do so because I’m failing miserably) every so often I’ve remembered this particular blog entry and now I’m seriously thinking of each and every Chilean man I’ve met who has married a non-Chilean woman – my own Chilean man as well – and what motivates them to marry us or have a serious relationship with us.It also involves more than the in-laws (I silently shudder with goosebumps).Family in Chile involves the extended extended family (yes, purposely written twice since it goes beyond extended).Actually, as you’ll see, it wasn’t really HER sentiments that offended but rather, the sentiments of random weirdos who contact her via her blog (unfortunately one of the pitfalls of blogging is that you’re “out there” in the cyber world and anyone, anywhere can contact you to say pretty much anything).In short, her blog post contains clips of emails she received from certain people stating how the only reason any Chilean man would consider dating an American girl would be for “purely sexual reasons.” And that mostly, Chileans want to “try Gringas” in the same way, he states, that one would want to test drive a new model car.

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