Cf patients dating each other

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Major survey categories included questions about education, employment, activities, travel, financial, disability, independent living, social relationships, children, general health, disclosure to others, satisfaction with life, medical information and history, and advice to others with CF.For purpose of the current study, questions regarding demographics (e.g., gender, age), medical information (e.g.Negative effects of disclosure were infrequent, but more likely with dating partners or bosses/supervisors/teachers.

employment, dating), disclosure of medical status becomes more important.

" Participants responded with a "yes" or "no" to items.

Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics.

This may lead them to keep disease status a 'secret' or hide visible aspects of the disease (e.g. However, in their transition to adulthood, different social contexts and relationships may require disclosure of their CF[4].

For example, concerns about employer-based health insurance may need to be discussed when starting a new job.

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