Catholic view on inter racial dating

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According to most historians, the majority of northern urban Catholics before Vatican II (1962–1965) were ensconced in their parish boundaries, viewing their existence through the lens of the parish and focusing the majority of their attention on matters within their particular geographic location.

As African Americans moved north during the Great Migration (1910s–1960s) and the racial dynamics of cities changed, some black Catholics began to organize for what they called “interracial justice,” a term that reflected their belief that black equality would benefit African Americans and whites.

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See The Josephites and the FCC were at odds with one another throughout the FCC's history.

Both La Farge and Turner gave Gillard's 1930 The Catholic Church and the American Negro scathing reviews.

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Correspondents include council officers Lloyd Davis, John A.

Elizabeth's Church for black Catholics, if they could integrate into St.

Elizabeth's activities while remaining members of their home parishes.

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