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The common thread that brings them all together is interfaith dialogue, especially with Muslims — whether in Jordan, Palestine and Israel, Albania and Turkey (all in 2014); in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Central African Republic (2015); in Egypt (2017); and now in Myanmar and Bangladesh.'New ways' The path to interfaith dialogue has not been smooth in recent years.He sees a "very broad, common thread" being woven by this pontiff in terms of interfaith dialogue.And Mazyek points out that this dialogue is not something that the pontiff has only recently discovered.Conflict, he said, must be resolved through dialogue, not violence.Prior to these remarks, Pope Francis met with various religious representatives in Rangoon, where he called for the "wealth of our differences" to be acknowledged in religious and ethnic questions.Nearly half (49%) of unmarried couples are living with someone of a different faith. Hindus (91%), Mormons (82%) and Muslims (79%) who are married or living with a partner are with someone of the same religion.

With respect to the pope's current trip, Mazyek believes the pontiff is placing focus on the displacement and persecution of Muslims "and the very lax way in which the government in Myanmar is dealing with it." Mazyek thinks that there can never be enough international support on the issue.

'To inspire reflection' For Timo Günzelmansur, the head of the Center for Christian-Muslim Encounter and Documentation (CIBEDO) in Frankfurt, the pope's attitude is only logical.

"Though a profoundly Christian approach, the pope is exhibiting how one can deal with difficult situations.

He sees the current era as a continuation of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), the most important meeting of Catholic leaders in the modern age at which the church declared a more open stance.

The pope "is showing how dialogue can function," Günzelmansur said.

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