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Is there a way to validate an XML file against a DTD with Qt's XML handling?I've tried googling around but can't seem to get a straight answer.There are a few modules for validating XML in Perl 5 but I will be using two from the Lib:: XML namespace.

If you are interested in seeing the validation done using Perl tests, click here for the Github repository containing the code for this article. Feel free to leave a clap👏 and also recommend this article to others.

Such validation is necessary to ensure that XML sent between both the client, and the server hosting an XML based Web Service, is received as expected.

Both DTD and XSD allow you to define the elements and attributes, an XML document should contain.

I get "There is no Schema or DTD associated with this document" errors.

From what I have read the system ID part of the public DTD is unused.

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