Browning 12 gauge auto serial number dating

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Busting clay targets on my own with friends and a hand or ground thrower, hunting trips.MANY boxes burned up scaring turtledoves (not that many doves hit lol) 15 years ago, when I had a better handle on it, I reached the 50,000 mark, and felt rediculous.You will find the hammer pivot bearing wears egg-shaped after 15 or 20 years of hard use too, replace the hammer every couple decades (or 30,000 rounds or so). The Gold Trigger is a comon touch, even on my "Grade 1" (the "standard field grade").My Belgian Light 12 has an estimated 70,000 rounds fired, so far, in her life and continues to splat Pheasants, Quail, and Clay Pigeons every year. The trigger is gold plated, has a ventilated rib barrel, it has the nicer grade of wood stock (nice checkering and very shiny finish), and the receiver has some nice engraving (BROWNING with a small picture of John below and Twenty written in script near the top). Long worn off the finger face of mine, the vent ribs were an option on most (especially ours age), but I think it was more comonly selected than the plain, and I think it looks better.For more information, please contact Browning Customer Service at 1-800-333-3288 Lastly, I love my A5, replace the recoil spring in it every decade or so.I replace the bolt return spring about every 15 years or so. If the springs get weaker (they do) and the gun continues to see use, they tend to eventually batter the locking rocker assy out of the top of the bolt assy.

Nobody in the family knew Grand Pa had a gun and Brownings website only goes back to 1940. I do not have the "minimum resting length" of those springs handy just now, but it is written down downstairs.When the recoil system is set for "heavy" and it cycles my trap loads, here's a clue the springs are tired.There were 2 "limited editions" the "Classic" (prod. 500) but they were grey receivers (not blued) and among the inlays was the "One Of Five Thousand (or hundred). A call to Browning for a letter will get you all you can find out.You probably have a "Grade III", if they were still optioning them that way. Well, adding up hunting trips is a nightmare, BUT, for 4 years in the 1980's, year-round, she & I went trap shooting 2x a week, usually 2 boxes a night, which alone is 20,800 rounds.

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