Broadcom backdating settlement

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The filings show that Stacey Nicholas sought to have the assets divided equally first, so that her ex-husband alone would face any potential liability from the options cases.

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After Henry Nicholas left the home, Orange County sheriff’s deputies arrived and conducted a test that confirmed the white powder found in the fanny pack was cocaine, Langan said.Stacey Nicholas first filed for divorce in 2002, 15 years after they were married, but the couple reconciled.They separated again in 2005 and Stacey Nicholas revived the divorce proceedings. It was during the couple’s reconciliation that Henry Nicholas left Broadcom.In one filing, Stacey Nicholas accused Henry Nicholas of abusing cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy and said she should be awarded primary custody of the couple’s three children as a result.She said Henry Nicholas’ drug use was one of the reasons she had sought to end the couple’s marriage.

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