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It started off promisingly but there wasnt enough story to justify the long runtime,there was nothing in this the matrix hadnt already done 10 yrs previous,the action was james bond inspired but was'nt half as exciting and it just felt all a little style over substance.

I didnt find it complex at all..i expected more from Nolan.

The BD will feature Warner's Maximum Movie Mode, here redubbed "Extraction Mode." Starting November 15, consumers can receive exclusive, never-before-seen Inception content on their camera-enabled mobile devices via Inception Snap Tags that will be placed on various Inception advertising materials.

Consumers only have to snap a photo of the Snap Tag with their camera phones and send the photo via MMS to 95871 (for AT&T, Verizon, and Alltel customers) or as an email to [email protected] get a reward.

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Interesting enough, the DVD has four focus point featurettes that "should" show up in the Extraction Mode on Blu Ray, I hope. Here's the link: @Moneyshot - Don't let IMAX fool you.

Di Caprio was good in it though The script is a masterpeice.

The movie is brought down slightly by some miscasting and shaky cam but its still a pretty great movie and its nice to see a thinking mans action movie in a Transformers Revenge of the Fallen world.

I see this set in the same vain as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and The Dark Knight.

As a huge Nolan fan i was looking forward to this big time but found it really disappointing.

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