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With their sky-high hair, undying adoration for all thinks cutesy, and an intense case of self-obsession, scene queen celebrities were pretty much unmissable both online and off in the early to mid '00s.Not only were their outfits completely outrageous, but these ladies had a soft spot for drama and could make us squirm with their counterfeit high-pitched giggles.Though Von D wasn't without her own drama, Jackass star and ex boyfriend Steve-O once used My Space to call her out for some allegedly appalling behavior.Like many scene girls on My Space, Hilary Haywire was known for her thick black eyeliner poking through behind a layered mullet.Many of his old devotees still follow his progress to this day.Current pinup superstar Raquel Reed started on a route to greatness back in her scene days when she was good friends with the one and only Jeffree Star.Vanek was one of the core scene queens and used to casually hang out with Audrey Kitching as they were both dating Panic! Fans of Lexi Lush often found themselves drawn to her eclectic fashion, elaborate self-styled photoshoots, and her growing amount of cutesy merchandise.She was a massive fan of the Care Bears, Barbie, Hello Kitty, and My Little Pony and her cotton-candy bedroom was completely full of anything to do with these children's entertainment brands.

Haywire spent some of her free time amateur modeling, but her Model Mayhem account suggests that she's more of a hairstylist these days.

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Brendon Urie is best known for being the frontman of rock band Panic! Brendon has a tattoo of cartoon piano keys with Hibiscus flowers in his body.

At his peak, Jeffree Star managed to amass over 50 thousand comments on each new photo upload and was potentially one of the most talked-about internet celebrities of the time.

As well as his music career, the aesthetic-obsessed social influencer would often do professional makeup for celebrities and at one point for the porn company Hustler.

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