Boyfriend have been dating

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But what really stood out to me was how the book defined work and money in regards to emotional work, too.One question asked: “How do we bring value to the relationship?My boyfriend Mike and I decided to go on the dates and discuss topics like trust, sex, and money with the Gottmans’ advice. Mike and I have stayed together despite attending different colleges and doing long distance for four years.Now we live in New York City together and just celebrated our eight-year anniversary in February.As an experiment, I wanted to see how we could communicate using the book’s approach.The Gottmans are a married couple who have been studying relationships for decades.So when a copy of “Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love,” crossed my desk, I was immediately interested.

The idea was to get inspiration for the family you aspire to have, or in my case, remind me why kids are not for me.For Mike, I chose things like “You have supported my own personal goals” and “You understand my sense of humor.” Then, when we convened at our local park, we shared our lists out loud.“Thinking about ways to cherish your partner will give power to your connection,” the authors wrote of this exercise, and it definitely did.We walked around at the same park where we had our first date.Doing so made talking about a serious topic a little easier.

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