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Therefore, there is no risk of contracting HIV from eating food.Thus, sending on such warnings will help no one and will achieve nothing other than clutter inboxes and social networks with even more utterly pointless nonsense.None of the claims outlined in any of these warning messages has ever been confirmed or supported by any credible source.Moreover, the US based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that it has never received any reports of HIV infections caused by contaminated food.If true, such a story would have been extensively reported by news outlets all around the world.And, of course, any potentially contaminated batches of Pepsi would have now been recalled.The first consult with one of our business development experts is free and will offer you some good options for getting started in this dynamic and ever evolving industry.

A drink manufacturer was capable of producing product for a whole region by this stage.List what you have and I'll copy it in to this post as sort of a "master decoder". This type of bottle was probably dip-molded and dates after circa 1820.This hoax subsequently spawned several other ketchup or tomato sauce related variants in the years since.And in, 2006, another series of hoax messages wrongly claimed that a child was diagnosed with AIDS after eating contaminated take-away food prepared by a HIV positive cook who had cut his finger and bled while working in the kitchen.

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