Black fushuni

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This series of real-time conversations produced an intellectual richness that might not have emerged otherwise: our conversations about the conversations shaped what we discussed subsequently, and we each did reading along the way to help us clarify the points we found ourselves making and the questions that emerged.

The males upperparts, including the chin, throat and wings are iridescent purple.

[more information]Because of their black colouration, cormorants are often referred to as sea crows.[more information]Adult Greyheaded Gulls have all-grey hood, pale yellow eyes and bright red bills and legs.

[more information]Small size and all-black cap diagnostic of breeding plumage; at other times differs from Little Tern in longer, slightly downturned bill and paler grey back, the body shape dumpier; at long range, the Damara Tern appears almost white...

Its is a distinctive black, brown, and white plumage.

Like the other orioles, it has bright yellow plumage with the...

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