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You’re everything a firstborn is but with extra doses of self-motivation, stress and high achievement.You think in black and white, use words like always and never and constantly raise the high bar on yourself.It can even tell you which of two people would be a better match in the long run.Using birth order to find a compatible match can be a complicated matter, especially for middle children, for those who experienced the early loss of a parent or sibling, or for those who had significantly greater than average parental conflict. Understanding how birth orders mix and match will help you parent your children in the way best suited to them — and will help you navigate the rough waters of parenting through sibling conflict. .” “Let me take a guess,” I said casually when she struggled for words. ” You’ve probably not given much thought to your own birth order as it relates to your parenting, but it affects your perspective and how you respond to your children.

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It's also based on the theory, advanced by psychologist Walter Toman, that we're more comfortable with someone who matches the sibling position of our opposite-sex siblings.In some cases, especially for firstborns and lastborns, it is relatively easy to predict who a good match would be based on birth order.Various theoretical considerations come into play, including the work of Walter Toman, Robert F. Lucky you, to have all your parents’ attention for a while. Before you look at your kids, what order they were born in and how that affects how they interact with one another, take a look at your own birth order and how it shaped you.

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