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Comprehensive anti-trafficking legislation that would criminalize all forms of trafficking, including the trafficking of adults, has been pending MOJ review since September 2012.

Benin girls are young female persons from age 18 to 25 that live in Benin.

Young Beninese women are recruited from Benin by unlicensed Beninese and Lebanese recruiters for domestic work in Lebanon and Kuwait; reportedly, some are forced into commercial sex.

OCPM reports that traffickers no longer travel with child victims being moved internally or to nearby countries.

Any children born from these liaisons take the dead husband's name.

A 2016 survey conducted in the cities of Cotonou in southern Benin and Malanville in northern Benin indicated that girls are subjected to sexual exploitation, including potential sex trafficking, in these two cities.Benin is the largest source country for trafficking victims in the Republic of the Congo; Beninese victims are also subjected to trafficking in Nigeria, Gabon, and Lebanon.West African women are exploited in commercial sex in Benin.At this age girls' character is almost formed but sometimes it tends to change. At this age girls almost formed an image of a men they are searching for.

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