Been dating for a year

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In fact, I’m guessing every one reading this has been in the exact same position as you, with the same exact question:“How long do I invest in a man before I panic that I’m wasting my time?”And try though I might, this isn’t something that can easily be reduced to a simple science, because each individual man has his own unique set of issues.I believed him and didn't really take the new relationship I was in seriously.

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The safe guy who treats you like gold and always lets you know where you stand? Or to date around to explore your options while you focus on yourself and your career? You let him reveal himself in his actions and not just his words.

Our decision was that we should break up for awhile and date other people and possibly get back together in the future if we still felt the same.

Well throughout his first relationship he constantly reassured me that he still wanted to be with me and marry me and that someday he would.

Every woman who proceeds to date a guy who “isn’t looking for anything serious” is essentially driving over the orange cones and through the yellow tape that signify danger, and wondering why she always gets into an accident. What possible purpose would it serve for him to be rude to you?

You ignored the warning signs, such as “I don’t want a girlfriend.” What did you expect? Do you think that’s a proper way to treat somebody? So he calls you (because he wants to see you), he sleeps with you (because he’s attracted to you), and he talks about falling in love one day (because he wants to fall in love one day.) It’s completely possible to do ALL of these things and still not want to have a serious committed relationship right this second.

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