Aviva problem updating virus signatures

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I then pipe the results to the Set-ADUser cmdlet and splat the Charlotte values.

Because all three cities reside in the United States, I use a static Country value of US.

I have written some of them, and others have been written by various guests.

Splatting is a technique introduced with Windows Power Shell 2.0, and, if you have not been using it, today is a great time to learn.

PS C: Get-ADUser -Search Base ‘ou=testou,dc=iammred,dc=net’ -Properties city -Filter * | group city -No Element Count Name —– —- 25 jacksonville 40 atlanta 35 charlotte I want to populate the city, state, streetaddress, postalcode, and the country of each user in the Test OU.It involves a number of attributes, however, and because all of the values for the attributes are static, this is a great time to use splatting.Note I have several really good articles that talk about splatting.On Tuesday, I began the series with the Create Test Users in a Test Active Directory Environment by Using Power Shell Blog post, where I wrote a script to create a test organizational unit with 100 test user accounts.On Wednesday, I wrote Use Power Shell to Modify Existing User Accounts in Active Directory, where I talked about using existing user information to create new information such as email addresses and personal web page URLs.

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